Hello October!

Happy Hump Day!

Does anyone else feel like we blinked, and September came to a close? Some months go by so fast, and others seem to drag……..I see you February. However, October through December is my absolute favorite time of the year, besides summer of course.! There is just something in the air, a sense of cheer and lightness, people are just happy. Probably because we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, within the next three months, which are my three favorite holidays. I just love spending this time of year with family and friends, ALL of the decorations, and pumpkin spice everything (even though I do not like pumpkin!) I know shocking!

Now that temps are beginning to drop a bit, it’s the perfect time to share the best transitional look, that you can take from work to play! Talk about a win, win.

Today’s Look:

Dress - I am wearing a size small, in olive. This dress is flattering on all body types, and is perfect if you are petite like me, because you do not need to get it hemmed! I feel like I hem more of my clothes than not. It is also the perfect dress for work. I pair it with gold, or tan, heals, and layered necklaces. Getting drinks after work or date night? Add the faux fur vest, and mules, and you are all set for a night on the town.

This dress comes in sizes XS-XL and in a variety of colors.

Fall Ready 1.jpg

Faux Vest - A faux fur vest is a fall must, and it is something that we should all have in our wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, as they have these vests in literally every store. They go with everything, and they are perfect for layering, if you do not want to wear a jacket. Plus, with the holidays right around the corner, I tend to wear these 24/7.


Fall Ready 2.png

Mules - I am wearing a size 7, and they truly are the comfiest mules that I own. They go with everything, and are sure to dress up any look. They come in sizes 5-13, as well as half sizes.

Fall Ready 3.jpg

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


4 Best Places for Happy Hour in NYC.

Happy weekend everyone!

Finally the sun is shining, and the humidity is not as bad as it once was. When the sun is shining I feel like everyone is always in better spirits and happier. While I love rain, from time to time, it was becoming a bit depressing. Rain also never mixes well with Happy Hour, especially when it revolves around breathtaking views, like here in Manhattan.

For today’s post, I will be sharing my 4 favorite places for Happy Hour, here in the city. I am not a big drinker, but I love going out with my friends after work, or when my family is in town, to Happy Hour. Not only is Happy Hour great for drinks, but they have some of the best views in town.

Today’s Post:

The Empire Rooftop - Ok, we all know those iconic scenes, from Gossip Girl, with Chuck and Blair, and let’s be honest we’ve all wanted to have our own Blair Waldorf moment.

The rooftop bar is perfect for a quick drink and bite after work, a date, and a night out with family. The views are stunning as you look out over Lincoln Center, and the Met, and the busy, bustling, streets below. They also keep the rooftop open in the winter. They add heaters and covering on the outside decks. They have a fantastic brunch, all under $20, and fantastic Bloody Mary’s. When coming after work, we usually split food, as the portions are big and the drinks are great!


Empire Rooftop.jpg

Monarch Rooftop - The Monarch is Midtown’s chicest rooftop lounge, with truly the most stunning views of the city. The Monarch overlooks the Empire State building, and the vibrant, bustling city streets below. During the day the city is beautiful, but once the sun goes down the city becomes alive with bright lights, and you have no better views of all of Manhattan than right here.

This rooftop bar is not as intimate as The Empire, and gets quite busy fairly quickly, so I would recommend making a reservation. The food and drinks are great, a little pricey, but you do really pay for the view.


Rooftop Blog.jpg

The Refinery Rooftop - Located at the top of the Refinery Hotel, it truly is one of the coolest rooftops in Manhattan. This rooftop is encased in glass, and at night the combination of the view and the lights is stunning. They have some of the funkiest drinks, and not only are they fun, but they make for a great photo op. I always recommend getting the Lobster Tots, or the Fresh Mozzarella Flatbread.

  • PLEASE NOTE - Guests under the age of 21 are not permitted on the rooftop past 6 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays. They are allowed on the rooftop for lunch ,and on Sunday afternoon and evening, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


Rooftop Blog 3.jpg

St. Cloud Rooftop Bar - Located at the top of The Knickerbocker, in the heart of Time Square, this is a magical place to stop by for a drink. Before I moved here, we would come to the city, and we always stayed at the Knickerbocker. We’d always come here for it’s spectacular views of the city. Stop by before, or after, a Broadway show, or dinner, and you are sure to have a wonderful time.

They have incredible parties around the holidays, and I’ve heard their New Year’s Eve Party is spectacular. Plus, you get a front row seat of the ball drop and fireworks, minus standing in large crowds below. Talk about a win, win.


Rooftop Blog 2.jpg

Have a wonderful weekend!


When it's 105 and You're Wishing for Fall.

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed the cooler weather. Here in the city, the weather went from 90 degrees to 65 degrees, in less than 72 hours, and I'm not going to lie, I will gladly take the reprieve. I always feel like this is the time of year where the weather goes from one extreme to the next, and flip-flops from hot to cold, and hot again. This makes it hard to shoot photos, because no one wants to wear jeans and a sweater when it is a million degrees outside haha. When I shot this look it was 105 degrees, CRAZY! However, you find ways to make it work. 

For today's look, I will be sharing the perfect transitional look from summer to fall.

Today's Look:

Halter Top - I am wearing a size medium, which is perfect when you have a larger chest but are petite, as a small would be too tight across the chest. This halter is perfect for both work and for the weekends. For work, I pair this scalloped top with a high waisted, flowy skirt, or ankle length pants and heels. For fun and the weekends, I pair the top with a leather skirt, or jeans, and add a pair of booties and a leather, or denim, jacket. The top comes in XS - XXL, and in three different shades. 


IMG_2627 fixed.jpg

Leather Skirt - I am OBSESSED with this skirt. I am wearing a size 2, and this is truly the comfiest skirt in my closet. It also goes with everything and can be worn in all seasons. I even wear this skirt to work, just pair it with a blouse, sweater, or a ribbed turtleneck. Add a pair of heels and pearls, and you are ready to conquer your work day.  This skirt comes in sizes 0-12.


IMG_2626 fixed.jpg

Have a wonderful Monday!


Fall Ready?

H A P P Y  S A T U R D A Y!

Is everyone gearing up for Labor Day weekend??? So ready! I love being able to spend time with my family and friends, grilling, and just having a good time. I know it calls for rain, but that's ok. It doesn't mean you still can't have fun!

For today's look, I'll be sharing the perfect look for fall. I know that we all get those style magazines that say that you need to wear this, this, and this, in order to be on "trend" for the upcoming season, but we all have different tastes.  This look is sure to be geared to everyone's unique style.

Today's Look:

Striped Blouse - I am wearing a size medium, in mustard. This blouse is perfect for fall, and it is perfect for every occasion, from work to play. Plus, this color is perfect, and looks great on everyone. The blouse comes in sizes S-L, and in three different shades.


IMG_2602 fixed.jpg

Denim Shorts - I am wearing a size 26, and guys these jeans are SO COMFY that I could wear them 24/7. They look great on everyone, and they are super comfy and easy to wash. These shorts come in sizes 23-32.


IMG_2599 fixed.jpg

Velvet Mules - I am wearing a size 7, and these slides are literally my FAVORITE. They are perfect, not only for the fall, but they are great through the winter as well. They come in sizes 6-11.


IMG_2613-1 fixed.jpg

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.


Kicking InTo High Gear.

I feel like I may be one of the only people who likes Thursdays. I mean, if you look at it positively, we are at the halfway point of the week! Meaning, we are one day closer to the weekend. Plus, Thursdays are the perfect day to get ice cream, or a beer, or both ice cream and beer, to perk you up for the rest of the week. So a win, win all around. 

For today's blog, I am sharing two of my summer favorites, which you will also be able to transition into the fall. YAY!

Today's Look:

Shirt Dress - I am wearing a size medium, in Blue and White striped. I tend to wear a small, but I would buy a size larger with this dress, as it is very short. I wanted a little bit of length, so I did not feel like I was leaving my house in a shirt only. haha The shirt dress comes in sizes S-L and in three different colors.




Keds - I am wearing a size 7, and I must say that Keds has been my favorite brand of sneaker since I can remember. Not only are they comfy, but they last forever, and you can have any style and shade under the sun.


IMG_2527 fixed.jpg


Have a wonderful Thursday!


All In The Details.

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend, and lounged by the pool, to stay cool in this CRAZY heatwave that we all have been feeling over the past weeks or so. Speaking of heat and summer, can you believe that summer is almost over? Weren't we just celebrating Memorial Day and the 4th of July? Summer always goes by so fast, but I will say the fall is my FAVORITE time of the year. Followed by summer.

Sorry that I have been a bit slower posting on the blog, but I wanted to continue to get acclimated to using this new site. I am learning, but still taking my time. Haha! Slow and steady wins the race as they say.

For today's post, I will be sharing a dress that I purchased in the spring. Not only is it perfect for summer date nights and weddings, BUT you can transition this piece into the fall, which is always a double win. I love being able to use pieces from season to season, meaning your closet feels less cluttered.

Today's Look:

Lace Dress - I am wearing a size small, and while this dress is out of stock currently at Free People, I was able to find an almost identical dress in white from Lilly Pulitzer. The dress from Lilly comes in sizes XS-XL, and while it is a little more expensive, just remember that Lilly never goes out of style and their pieces last forever. So this is a great investment.




Shoes - I am wearing a size 7, and these truly have to be the most comfortable pair of sandals that are in my closet. They have the perfect heel, so they add just the right amount of height, no matter how tall you are. They are perfect for transitioning into the fall, which means less clutter in the closet! They come in sizes 4-11, as well as half sizes, and in black, gold, and orange.

IMG_2537 fixed.jpg


I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday!


Weekend Ready.

Happy Saturday, and welcome  to the NEW BLOG!

Thank you for bearing with me through this process. I am still learning how this new website works. I figured you had waited long enough, so without further adieu, here is the first NEW blog post. 

For today's look I will be sharing with you one of my favorite summer dresses. The best part is you can transition this dress into the Fall, which is always a MAJOR win! 

Today's Look:

Striped Dress - I am wearing a size small, and being petite, the dress will fall closer to your ankles. If you are a bit taller, it will hit higher up the lower portion of your leg. You can pair this dress with sandals for the summer and layer a denim jacket for the fall. The dress comes in sizes S-XL.       


IMG_2515 fixed.jpg

Shoes - I am wearing a size 7, and these truly have to be the most comfortable pair of sandals that are in my closet. They have the perfect heel, so they add just the right amount of height, no matter how tall you are. They are perfect for transitioning into the fall, which means less clutter in the closet! They come in sizes 4-11, as well as half sizes, and in black, gold, and orange. 


Sunglasses - The perfect sunglasses, and they go with everything!


IMG_2520 fixed.jpg