Weekend Ready.

Happy Saturday, and welcome  to the NEW BLOG!

Thank you for bearing with me through this process. I am still learning how this new website works. I figured you had waited long enough, so without further adieu, here is the first NEW blog post. 

For today's look I will be sharing with you one of my favorite summer dresses. The best part is you can transition this dress into the Fall, which is always a MAJOR win! 

Today's Look:

Striped Dress - I am wearing a size small, and being petite, the dress will fall closer to your ankles. If you are a bit taller, it will hit higher up the lower portion of your leg. You can pair this dress with sandals for the summer and layer a denim jacket for the fall. The dress comes in sizes S-XL.       


IMG_2515 fixed.jpg

Shoes - I am wearing a size 7, and these truly have to be the most comfortable pair of sandals that are in my closet. They have the perfect heel, so they add just the right amount of height, no matter how tall you are. They are perfect for transitioning into the fall, which means less clutter in the closet! They come in sizes 4-11, as well as half sizes, and in black, gold, and orange. 


Sunglasses - The perfect sunglasses, and they go with everything!


IMG_2520 fixed.jpg