Did Someone Say Friday?

Happy Friday!

How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? Mine was spent at home on the beach, with my amazing mom, stepdad, grandparents, and sister. The weather was just perfect, and it was a great way to spend the unofficial start of summer. I always love going home to Rehoboth Beach, and any time I am home I find myself not wanting to come back to the city. There is just something about Rehoboth that brings such a sense of peace and tranquility, that you find yourself not wanting to go back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Today’s post will be short and sweet, so we can all go ahead and enjoy our weekend. Fingers crossed for no rain, because goodness we all have had a wild week weather wise.

Today’s Look:

Denim Dress - I am wearing a size small in the light wash denim, and guys this dress is SO COMFY!!!! Perfect for the beginning of summer, when it is still a bit cool at night and you do not want to carry a jacket with you. Also great for Casual Friday at work. This dress comes in sizes S-L, and in two different shades of denim.

med_res (8).jpg

Monogram Sandals - I am wearing a size 7 in silver. Monogram clothing and accessories have been big for a long time, and I must admit I love it! I have many initial sandals, sneakers, hats, and sweatshirts haha. I blame my mom for getting my sister and I sucked in. However, they make for really cute birthday or bridal party gifts, and it is something that no one else has, unless someone has the same initials as you! They come in sizes 5 - 12 and in a wide variety of shades and styles.

med_res (9).jpg

Have a wonderful Friday!